Marsha’s Family

Most of Marsha’s immediate family has died since her death.  What is left of her family is only one brother.  Her friends are left — at least the three in the picture.





Three of the four friends from college:

  • Jennifer
  • Nanda
  • Tressa



Why I Chose the Psychological Drama

Psychological drama to me is the most interesting type of novel:

  1. It causes the reader to become more involved with the character.
  2. It gives more breadth to the character because we can see what the character is thinking.
  3. I have always loved trying to figure out why people act as they do.

Appreciating Friendship

A 30-year friendship is something very special. In today’s world, friendships are not treasured as they once were. We must learn to protect special relationships, for too many people today do not trust their own feelings and are left feeling lonely.friendship, gift, treasure, bondMy book, one that reiterates the importance of friendship, is taken from the life of a dear friend of mine who was murdered. There were four of us who were friends in college and have remained friends until the present time. Marsha was one of those.

Losing her and her friendship is like losing a part of myself.

Writing “Marsha’s Story” is one way of retaining a part of her in the lives of her friends.


Marsha’s Story

  “All  I want is the truth,” Susan pleaded.  “What happened to Marsha?”

     “You couldn’t handle the truth!  So this ends our discussion.  No more.  I won’t mention her name and you won’t either.  Understand?”

     This is your only answer?  Susan thought to herself.  Why can’t he just tell me the truth?  Did he dill her, or was her death a suicide?

     The death of Marsha was to cause Susan to take a journey which would lead her on a journey of discovery.  Could the man she had loved for so long be capable of murder?